Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Could working any time, any place help people recover from illnesses faster?

Could you tell I haven't been working for the last 10 days?  My guess is ‘no’!  My amazing team has been guest writing and posting some pre-prepared pieces while I have been off recovering from surgery. This experience has me appreciating my work arrangement, as I am just now able to sit at a computer and type.

I am still not even close to being able to drive, and in a normal work environment that would be a problem. I would need to find rides to work, places to rest (as I am only able to work a short burst and then need to recover), or my alternative would be to stay off work for a much longer period of time.

But because of my situation, I am able to work sooner; from the comfort of my home, and at a pace where I am comfortable.  I take a few meetings, or write a few blog posts, and then can go take a quick nap.  So instead of being off work (away from the office is what traditional recovery means) and unproductive for 6 weeks like the doctors recommend, I can start adding value again in small ways much sooner. 

I feel more engaged with both my recovery and my work as I can feel useful and let my mind work verse sitting on my couch watching daytime television. Don't get me wrong, a few good chick flicks is fun, but good grief who thought Bo and Hope would still be on TV after all these years?!

I feel connected to the business and my team, while at the same time able to heal and take care of myself to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. If I couldn't do anything, or stay connected how hard would it be for me to come back to work after 6 weeks?  I would feel disconnected, awkward, and useless; like no one needed me or missed me.

Now I am excited to do small things that keep me in the loop and keep me feeling connected... this could be a whole new way of getting people back to work sooner and helping them recover easier. Traditionally, I would be told I could come back to a physical office, only once I could drive, then most likely only for part days. That is so prescriptive, it doesn't work for my pain or healing nor does it mean I am available when my team needs me in those set few hours.

The way I am easing in, my team can ping me and I can respond then, when they don't need me I can rest, in the comfort of my own home.

Food for thought.

Ta ta

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  1. Do you have one of those laptop gizmos shown in the picture? If so where did you get it? I would love to have one!

    I too am laid up due to a lower back injury (sledding accident with the fam) but am still continuing to work thanks to Workplace 2.0! I love that I can still use my mind as that isn't broken. I am able to arrange my day at home around meetings over video, chiropractic appointments, and much needed rest time.

    Sitting in a chair is proving difficult for heads down activity though. A gizmo like this would be a great addition!