Friday, 9 December 2011

Survey says...

In November 2011, we administered a survey to the Workplace 2.0 pilot members before they started actively participating in the program. The pilot members provided very valuable information on their current work environment. After the pilot period is complete, these same participants will be asked to complete a post-pilot survey that will be used to measure, improve, and scale the program across the company. A total of 34 ATB associates and managers were asked to participate, and with a 100% response rate, here are a few interesting findings:
  • Nearly all ATB respondents (85%) report working from home some of the time already. Of those that do currently work from home, the average is 18 hours a week. The majority of that time is during normal business hours.
  • The average amount of time respondents take to commute one-way is 31.5 minutes, which equates to 263 hours and approximately $3,318 in a year.
  • The majority (between 88 and 97%) of respondents feel they are able to easily keep in touch with contacts, maintain relationships, collaborate with colleagues, and receive timely assisstance when they need it.
  • In response to the statement "My company's senior leadership team is supportive of remote work arrangements" 65% of pilot members Strongly Agreed, 29% Agreed and 6% were Neutral. That means none of our participants feel as though our executive team are unsupportive of them working remotely.
  • Current companyy satisfaction is very high. Our goal with this program would be to maintain or improve these results:

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