Friday, 23 December 2011

First out of country test a success!

I am so lucky to have a team that is willing to try just about anything. If we say we can work anytime anywhere, we want to put our money where our mouth is!

I have two leaders on my team that had holidays planned, one to Pheonix for 2 weeks and one to Mexico for 2 weeks. Each thought it would be great to add a week of work before and after their vacation time from their international locations.

Why would we want to test this? There are many reasons. Will our technology work outside Calgary or Canada? Will they still be productive in tropical locations? Each of them leads a team of people, so how would their team's react to their leader being even more remote? Would it be any more difficult to lead a team, coach a team, or even just have team meetings?

We have now successfully tested Pheonix! Everything worked! The technology didn't fail, Jenn's productivity (which is normally off the chart) became even better, if that is possible. The team still had their meetings, Jenn still provided coaching and development moments virtually, and I as her leader had absolutely no issues. Projects were completed on time, if not early, we were always able to connect when we needed to, and our coaching relationship worked fine from afar as well.

Our next guinea pig leaves for Mexico in early February, so I will keep you posted on that situation! If our tests continue to be successful, think of the possibilities for my team!! We could have world leaders in area's of expertise that we need from around the world work for us, but never leave their home country... our talent pool might just have become the entire world!

Ta ta


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