Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Team's Top 10 things we wish we had done...

As promised in the previous post, here is the list of items from my team that they wish they had done or wish they hadn't done the first time we went in to our flexible workplace.

We hope this helps everyone save some time and a few embarrasing moments!

10. Taken the time to purge my office before taking everything home!
9.   Moved home AFTER my home-based office was set up with furniture!
8.   Explained to my family that just because I work at home, it doesn’t mean the laundry will get done and dinner will be on the table waiting for them at the end of the day.
7.   Ordered a sound proof door.
6.   Stopped feeling guilty for not working “typical” hours and just work when I am most productive.
5.   Painted the office sooner, not the day before I moved home, talk about PAINT FUMES!
4.   Made an effort to be paperless. Instead I moved a ton of paper files home!
3.   Had thought of how to keep my cats from walking across my screen when I was on video calls.
2.   Cleared the rest of the family’s stuff out of the home office, so it is really just my space.
1.   Not answered a video call while still in my PJ’s with our line President! Oops!

Ta ta

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