Tuesday, 22 November 2011

GUEST POST: Leeann Jarman, Workplace 2.0 Pilot Member

Hello, my name is Leeann and I am sharing my experiences as a Workplace 2.0 pilot member. Remember Sherri’s first few posts (mostly about what not to do)? Well I was a part of that that group! What a wild and eventful ride it has been. There have been ups and downs, people politely kicking others out of their pre-booked spaces, and mostly flying by the seat of our pants every day! We are finally settling in to newly formed norms, and a really exciting culture that we never envisioned when we started. Here is short story of why I am thrilled and 110% committed to our results only work environment:

Nov. 18, 2011 - Today is a great day to produce some results… from home! Snow hit hard this morning, it's building up outside and the temperature is below 16 degrees (-25 with wind chill). It's cold, snowy and icy out there.

If I worked in an environment that supported punching the clock and being present so everyone can witness how amazingly productive I am, I would have had to make the 2.5 hour commute downtown this morning. I would have arrived at work, very tired from getting up so early, just to be late anyways. Not to mention, I would be feeling exceptionally cranky from having been stuck in my car doing nothing. And to top it all off… I would have had the same treacherous commute home! Yes, I would have been a huge joy to be around all day ---->

Instead, I rolled out of bed late, played with my son and enjoyed some quiet bonding time this morning. It was a 10 minute commute to drop him off at the day-home and I was up and running within 1 hour, instead of the 3+ hours it would have taken if I was required to go to the office today.

I love my job and I love being empowered to decide how, when and WHERE my work gets done. Especially today. I hope all those suffering from winters blast today do their best to stay afe and warm!


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