Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Team's Top 10 ways to get you and your family ready for working from home!

Let me start by thanking Allison Comeau for this great idea for a post!  As you can see, I listen when you comment on my blog, and I love to use your great suggestions for future posts!

I wanted this Top 10 list to come from my team members, the ones I didn't give a lot of notice to the first time. They didn't have a ton of time to get their families or homes ready for this transition, so I received a LOT of feedback about that!  They sent me so many amazing tips I have split them up, this is the Top 10 list of things they did that really helped their transition home.

10. Redecorated my home office with plants, art and a really comfy chair.
9.   Told my family that a closed door means I am not available to them.
8.   Every morning, I would shower and get ready for work, just like I did when I would drive to the office. (5 people had this one!)
7.   Forced myself to take coffee and lunch breaks, and actually eat away from my computer!
6.   Take my lunch break with my wife and our small daughter, which is a nice social break for me, and great family time I wouldn’t normally have.
5.   Booked “social” time for when I do come to the office as I really miss that aspect when at home for long stretches.
4.   Went for a walk every day around the neighbourhood, instead of to the vending machine in the office.
3.   Learned to turn off OCS and just put my head down and work.
2.   Explained that I do still work as hard as daddy just from different locations.
1.   Hooked up the Aruba!!!!!!!!! THIS BABY IS KING.

Ta ta

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