Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Who had to drive in the snow to work yesterday? MY TEAM DIDN'T!

At my last company I would check the weather each night before I went to bed to see if it was going to snow the next day. I needed to know if I would have to set my alarm extra early so I could give myself an extra hour on the roads to ensure I still got to work "on time". There was NO flexiblity on start time, NO option to work from home, talk about stress and ZERO work-life balance.

Now that I'm at ATB, I don't sit up late at night watching the weather channel! My alarm doesn't change unless it makes sense based on what I need to accomplish the next day. Plus, I know my team is empowered to determine where they will work best each day.

So when I woke up yesterday and looked outside with my son to see how Halloween was shaping up, we were both very surprised as there was a foot of snow! In the past, my heart would start pounding and I would be frantic to make it in to work on time. But not at ATBIS with Workplace 2.0. I got Kolten ready to catch the bus, made a nice breakfast and then went in to the office after the crazy traffic was done. My team made brilliant decisions as well, based on what they needed to get done, and most of them choose to work from home and be productive that way.

The best part is, we all did what worked best for us, we all got the results we needed to yesterday, and no one on my team was stressed by the first snowfall in Calgary! At ATBIS we make our own Snow Days!

Ta ta

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