Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Collecting and responding to feedback

Every week we send out a survey to our pilot members. It's short and sweet so it doesn't take up too much of their time, but it provides us with really valuable feedback.

After a full month of receiving fantastic comments from our participants (both positive and negative), we decided to let them know how their responses are effecting Workplace 2.0. Last week we sent out a newsletter that listed just a few of the changes we have made to the project. These changes include policy, furniture and technology, and were all made because our pilot members told us that's what they needed. the feedback from the newsletter alone was really positive, so we are going to continue with it on a bi-weekly basis.

Here are a few of the really positive comments we have received. They really hit home the reason this project is so important:

"This week my daughter was ill on the usual day that I go into the office. Having the ability to work from home I was able to communicate to my team the change in my schedule to work from home, provide the care my daughter needed from home and get my job done from home! I love ATBIS and Workplace 2.0."

"On one of the days that I should have worked at the office, the weather was bad and the highway was very slippery so I stayed home that day since I had my laptop and did my work. I contacted the office and got someone to open the envelopes that were for me and got them to scan the docs to me so I could work from the scanned docs. It worked out really good."

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