Thursday, 9 August 2012

Take a stand for health!

Hi everyone,

Our modern, miniature computing devices are pretty darned light. That makes a desk capacity of half a ton overkill. Monitors no longer are a team effort to move, and computers aren’t the size of single family homes! This means that sit-stand desks are a more real possibility for your home office.

At its simplest, a standing desk could be little more than some milk crates and plywood stacked up on an existing desk. It’s ugly, but works just fine.

Ergotron is the undisputed leader in the purpose built standing desk field, but not the only ones moving in this niche...check out a treadmill desk! But did you know Standing Desks are Manly as well? And they need not be expensive? Check this one from for those who are budget conscious.

This might be a bit too “Sci Fi” for many… but its heart is in the right place
For the DIY crown, here’s a treadmill desk you could make by hitting Kijiji and a hardware store!

Technology has changed the way we work in numerous, sometimes unintentionally unhealthy ways. It also has the capacity to be a catalyst for a major turn around if employed in the right manners. As we move further from traditional technology, doesn’t it make sense that our workspaces evolve in tandem? Take a stand, move away from the traditional work environment, and chew on an App or two. Small changes add up to big results!

I am actually looking into this for my home office, and I promise that if I do this I will take photo's and share them on the blog! What do you think?  Would you like to try this instead of sitting for hours at a time?   

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