Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Why Flexible Hours Inspire Performance!

Hey there, have you missed me?  I have missed all of you!! I have been so busy lately, but have some fantastic news to share with you. Recently, our ATB Investor Services Compass Portfolio Series was honoured by Lipper as the “Best Asset Class Group”. Lipper Awards are handed out once a year to the funds that demonstrate excellence in delivering risk-adjusted returns. We were very excited to accept this award, and we even made the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal!
While all this was happening, the Workplace 2.0 Pilot team concluded the pilot and began gathering all the data, crunching the numbers, reading all the comments. They even did interviews with pilot members, leaders, internal customers, and non pilot participants to ensure we understand how this pilot has impacted everyone touched by it!
I would love to share some of the preliminary results with you;
  • For associates and leaders who were in the pilot they maintained or increased their engagement because of WP 2.0.
  • We were able to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the environment!
  • We reduced our real-estate footprint and used space in a creative and multi-purpose way.
My most favorite result that I am going to share is that we had 5 cases where associates were approached by other firms who made solid offers to recruit them, and they choose not to leave Investor Services.  I'm sure there are many reasons each person chose to stay, but there was 1 common denominator and that was the flexibility of WP 2.0. Having leaders who trust them to get the results and not caring at what time of the day they get the results.
Take a moment to read this fun article, and ask yourself how your job affects your performance!
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