Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Night and Day: Lessons for Managers

As I sit down to write this new post, I wish you could see me killing myself laughing! Not giggling or chortling, but full-on belly laughter that actually starts to hurt when you can't stop!

Hopefully you’ve learned a bit about my less than brilliant first attempt at implementing a flexible workplace in my previous post. In order to mitigate the confusion that occurred there, today I blocked off 2 hours of my time to work on the training for leaders in our official pilot for Workplace 2.0.

Why, you ask, am I laughing so hard?

When I compare and contrast what I am looking at right now, to what support and tools I gave to my leaders and associates previously (none), I almost fell out of my chair! The training course has so many terrific nuggets that I wanted to share a few with you. Talk about world class, engaging and relevant!

The first managers’ action recommended in the material is “to position your team to fully embrace the new workplace experience." That was MY first mistake, this time we will get different results! I have already booked a meeting with my whole team on the 28th - a step in the right direction. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks??

Based on the verbiage inside this brilliant manager’s course, I am now developing and leading a strong distributed team! What is a distributed team? Really it means there is no ceiling on our ability to be efficient and collaborate with each other and anyone else inside or outside the organization. Physical location doesn't matter!

The concept breaks down the barriers of time and space, allowing us to work more effectively in a broad range of previously time-consuming activities. So let me ask each of you, what activities can you see becoming more effective in a model like this? The first one that comes to mind for me is the quantity of face-to-face meetings. Think of the travel time we could eliminate by not having them in person, they don't go away they just become more efficient! I don't waste 30 minutes driving to the location, finding parking and getting into the room to set-up. I get off one video call, grab a fresh cup of tea and place the next video call. Easy peasy.

Ta ta

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